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beetlegeus asked: A wise girl once said that mental happiness is over school any day, however I cannot seem to figure out how you do it. I mean I freak out about school on the daily and can never seem to find a common ground in making myself happy. Any tips?




well, here’s the thing- this topic is really important to me and i fully stand behind it. think about it, you have years and years of school and it’s a hell of a lot worse if you spend it being unhappy. 

if i’m having a really off/bad “mental day”, i put myself first. try putting yourself first when you have those days where you physically can’t get yourself to do schoolwork or just need sleep over class. YOUR well-being comes first. ONE late assignment won’t ruin your future.

be productive on that “off” day- catch up on whatever work you can and have little study/snack breaks (sometimes just not being in the classroom environment takes stress off), but if you can’t do that, just clean your room, organize your room, make a new recipe, go for a walk and find a place to draw, have a bath with the best kind of Lush bath bomb, download some movies. realize that this day is a day for you to catch up and don’t feel bad about it.

no stress love, xx

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